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(no subject)

Apr. 22nd, 2011 | 08:16 pm


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Posted without context

Jan. 11th, 2011 | 08:32 pm

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Dec. 31st, 2010 | 09:08 pm

No, this isn't a Christmas Loot wrap-up, 'cause seriously, who's ever been interested in that? I asked for nothing, got some dishes, a GPS, a Bowser-shell backpack (courtesy of pixelphile) and some plastic ponies from nunuu. Fascinating, huh!?

No, this is definitely more of a year-in-review entry vis-a-vis my New Year's Resolution, which can be found in the post preceding this one. Whoops! Guess I kinda forgot I had a LiveJournal in 2010! Seriously, though, it's not THAT far back, but maybe a little too close to this entry for comfort. Anyway, the resolution was this:

"RESOLUTION FOR 2010: Replace the old and busted in my life with new hotness"

So let's just tally up the score, here!Collapse )

In addition to all that, not only did I keep my job- I've actually gotten HALFWAY DECENT at it; enough to where exciting things may be happening very soon. Family's all healthy, life's just radical in general; overall, 2010's just been a massive success by any measure. There are MAYBE one or two things that could POSSIBLY make being me more awesome, and I'm hoping to work on those in the 2011 to come!

Anyway! I know I totally WON 2010, but I hope you guys had a great year all the same and that 2011 treats you even better! Now 'scuse me- gotta go juggle two New Year's Eve parties.

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Doin' my bit for the economy

May. 15th, 2010 | 04:58 pm

This is the longest I've kept a New Year's resolutionCollapse )

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Feb. 18th, 2010 | 07:49 pm

So around the time I proposed a hilarious series of out-of-context screencaps of Osamu Tezuka's greatest creation, thanks to the entirety of the translated 1963 episodes of Astro Boy being available via Netflix.

And the VERY NEXT NETFLIX CYCLE after I posted that image, I noticed something wasn't right- got TWO DISCS of the Sopranos instead of a Sopranos and an Astro Boy! And when I sent one of those Sopranos discs back, I got ANOTHER Sopranos disc. Well THAT was odd- even if the next Astro Boy disc was already on loan, they should've sent me the next available one.

But alas, when I went to the queue to do some reorderin', I found that EVERY DISC OF 1960S ASTRO BOY had mysteriously vanished! Whole damn thing's now on "Save" availability!

Netflix, you have well and truly bit off my pecker. Those sets can be had, but the cheapest I've seen 'em going for is $80 each :(.

So... guess I know where a chunk of my refund's going this year!

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Best New Year's Resolution Ever

Feb. 6th, 2010 | 09:18 pm



Stupid HD performance bringing my Windows Experience score down- everything else is 6.8~7.2.


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Jan. 21st, 2010 | 07:59 pm

Last computer-related entry, I swear- it's just that WHOLE NEW WORLDS of what these things are capable of have opened up to me!

Got bored this weekend and decided to make a proper fricking network. Before, I had the new computer (henceforth referred to as "the desktop"), the old computer (henceforth referred to as "the server") and the laptop all linked up via a jury-rigged amalgamation of loosely-themed shared folders. Permissions were all out of whack- could write stuff to the Shared Mess folder, but not to the Shared Projects folder, sometimes it'd take a while before the server's folders would come up in the Network tree- it was just a damn SHAMBLES. Besides, there were other problems to consider- did I REALLY want to have to set the new computer up to handle torrents? Was I gonna have to share a bunch of .avi/.mpeg folders on THAT system as well? Didn't I plan to make the old computer a file server to KEEP that from happening?

All these problems disappeared when I discovered REMOTE DESKTOP ACCESS. Suddenly, it doesn't MATTER that I don't have a spare monitor, keyboard and mouse to plug into the server when I want to move stuff around! I don't HAVE to shuffle files from the laptop to a writeable folder on the server, to be moved to its PROPER location sometime in an undetermined future! I can have stuff downloading to the system they'd ultimately end up on in the first place!
I was managing torrents from the bathroom. It's really the only way to be. All it took was realizing that I NEED a password on my account on the server computer. But still, heavy was my heart, for all the remote file sharing capabilities in the world mean little in a world suffering from a CRIPPLING drought of new Game Center CX episode torrents :(.


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Jan. 13th, 2010 | 10:29 pm

Well! Turns out the only problem with the new system is that it doesn't have built-in support for the ancient Aramaic that my pre-SP1 copy of Windows XP was coded in. A brand-new copy of Windows 7 arrived in the mail today, and installed with nary a hitch.

Thanks to everyone who offered help in the last entry's comments! Even mads- belated congrats on the naturalization, by the way :D.

So far it's been a perfectly lovely system, but I haven't had much of an opportunity to see what it can REALLY do; looks like I'll have to whip up some ridiculously huge Photoshop monstrosity to really put it through its paces :D. 'Course, before that, I'll have to get a new scanner- my poor ol' HP ScanJet 2200c doesn't have any drivers more recent than XP. Oh, well, that's carrying on a proud tradition- I initially got it because the Visioneer scanner I was using under Windows 98 never got a proper XP driver.

In the meantime, though, gotta see about learnin' some stuff about how to turn my old system into a proper file server wth full remote access. I basically have it set up wtih a buncha shared folders at the moment, but ultimately, I'd like to just shove the box in the closet, hook up the power/network cables, and access it remotely from the laptop or desktop to move files around/back stuff up/work torrents/etc. I need more HOBBIES, man.

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Jan. 9th, 2010 | 10:40 am

A sotware nightmare in three acts.

Act 1: The First NightCollapse )

~*~ The Next Evening ~*~

Act 2: The Honeymoon is OverCollapse )

~*~ The Next Morning ~*~

Act 3: FinaleCollapse )

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Jan. 9th, 2010 | 10:22 am

TEST POST- just to see if LiveJournal spits a "Error updating journal: Client error: Sorry, there was a problem with content of the entry" message at me.

EDIT:  Apparently, the problem it was having was the image I was trying to embed!  What does LJ have against Scissors Jaguar!?

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